Tuesday, February 28, 2006

News from the Grave

Old-school rockers still rake in the big bucks touring for their aging fans, but they just can't quit their whining.
Songwriting legend Joni Mitchell says it was the industry machine that made her famous that eventually drove her away from her passion.
"I will not go through that process again," Mitchell admits to interviewer Rosanna Arquette in the rock documentary "All We Are Saying." "I don't think there's anybody in the industry that likes the music. … I think there's a general policy of 'hate the artists.'"
It's no secret that traditional touring rockers hate the way media conglomerates, MTV and pop music have changed the face of music. But Arquette's film, which airs on Showtime on March 8, gathers together an overwhelming collection of testimonials on the subject by artists like Sting, Elton John, David Crosby, Steven Tyler, Peter Gabriel and Tom Petty.
"There was a time when our catalogue was worth $24 million, now it's worth like 12 cents," moans Tyler, Aerosmith's lead singer. "Why? Because anybody can download anything on the Internet. The only thing an artist today is worth is his happiness, integrity and hard tickets."
"When I look at it now, it looks like professional wrestling to me," whines Petty. Fans "know it's fake, but they don't really care." Arquette, who also interviewed younger stars like will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas, Macy Gray and Gwen Stefani, said part of what she wanted to look at in her film was this sense of despair for the industry.
"Most true artists care about music as a pure, passionate art form, but can get caught in the trap of the business," Arquette explained. "Which, sadly, has now become more important than the artist or even the music itself."
The big media companies who run the labels "haven't a clue," lamented Crosby, of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. They "wouldn't know a song if it flew up their noses and died … . That's what puts Britney Spears, who is about as deep as a birdbath, in front of Joni Mitchell."

Yeah, it couldn't be that nobody in this group has put out anything fun to listen to since Dr. Ruth was a virgin. Hard to tell the difference between these old rockers blowing dust and a bunch of folks at a retirement home bitching that kids today don't know the value of a nickle.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Just how many of these crazy bitches are out there?!

LAURENS, S.C. - A former fifth-grade teacher accused of having sex with her 11-year-old student was ordered held on $100,000 bond Saturday.
Prosecutors had wanted Wendie A. Schweikert, 36, jailed without bond, saying she was a danger to the community and a flight risk.
Schweikert was arrested Friday on two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor after the boy's mother accused the teacher of having sex with him at school at least twice, said Laurens Police Chief Robin Morse.
The former teacher admitted in a statement to having sex with the boy, Morse said.
Schweikert, who resigned from her job at E.B. Morse Elementary School on Friday, did not speak during the hearing, and did not have an attorney. The boy's mother tried to tell the judge how shaken her son was, but was choked back by tears.

80's Flashback

SINGER George Michael was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs yesterday after being found slumped in his car.The dazed star, 42, was seen at London’s Hyde Park Corner at 1.50am.
Police and an ambulance raced to the scene after a Good Samaritan spotted the semi-conscious singer and raised the alarm.
After ensuring the millionaire star had no obvious injury, officers breath-tested and searched him.
The B-test proved negative but police allegedly found cannabis and GHB — a Class C drug known as Liquid Ecstasy that is popular with clubbers.
In the boot of the car, thought to be a dark Range Rover, cops are also said to have found a cache of pornographic material including sex toys and masks.
George, 42 — whose smash hits include Careless Whisper and Wake Me Up Before You Go Go — was arrested on suspicion of possessing controlled substances and driving while unfit through drugs.

Another Famous person who just can't make it through life.......theres a new one.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Winona, Crazy Still

WINONA Ryder and other celebrity "intimates" of fictitious writer JT Leroy were part of the conspiracy that pulled off the biggest literary hoax this side of James Frey.
Courtney Love, Rosario Dawson, Tatum O'Neal and Susan Dey all claimed they were friends of the made-up teen hooker-turned-bard. And Italian actress Asia Argento even once told PAGE SIX that she was having Leroy's baby.
It seems clear now that at least Ryder and Argento always knew that "JT Leroy" was actually Savannah Knoop, a California woman who posed as the imaginary writer under wigs and oversize sunglasses at book readings, and that Leroy's prose was actually written by Laura Albert.
Argento had reason to play along. She was hyping her movie "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things," which is based on the Leroy short-story collection and which hits theaters March 10.
The film's red-faced producers recently had to rewrite their press releases once the hoax was exposed. Variety reports the pitch now describes the meandering mess of a movie - which stars Peter Fonda, Marilyn Manson and Michael Pitt - as "the back story of one character who rocked the world of literature, fashion, music and film without ever existing."
No celeb was more complicit in the scheme than Ryder, who spun a tall tale to Steve Garbarino for his 2003 Vanity Fair piece, "The Divine JT Sisterhood," about how she befriended Leroy when he was a teenage street urchin right after her breakup with Johnny Depp.
"I had two tickets to the opera, and I was, like, 'I don't want to go alone,' " Ryder said. "And then I saw this kid standing near the doors to the opera house, and he was trying to listen in. He was a total ragamuffin. So I said, 'Hey, I have this extra ticket. Do you want to go see the opera?' He was too young to be creepy. He said, 'Oh, my God! I really wanted to see this!' I think it was 'La Boheme.'
"And he was crying throughout it. And I started crying for my own reasons, watching this beautiful kid so affected, someone his age grasping it. We went to this diner afterward and talked. I wanted to take care of him, have him move in, but he said he was heading back south. I fell in love with him. And I've been in love with him ever since."
More like in Love with attention and perscription Meds you psycho. Ryder had NOTHING to gain from doing this, just attention. I swear, what with the shoplifting and meds and all this, isn't she just a few years away from becoming a crazy cat lady, or that woman that sits at the bus station waiting for some guy that dumped her 45 years ago to come back? Stay tuned for her downward spiral.

Lindsay and her Older man

Lindsay Lohan and family have been relaxing in Turks and Caicos. While her sibs and their mom, Dina, have been staying at the Beaches Resort and Spa, the teen queen has been making use of Bruce Willis' spread.

Or should that read that Bruce is making use of LINDSAY'S Spread?

Martha Tries to kick back...but Trump gets last word

The war between Donald Trump and Martha Stewart rages on.
Still smarting from that "open letter" in which Trump spanked Stewart for claiming she almost "fired" the "Apprentice" star, the Domestic Diva has branded his behavior as "juvenile," "evil," "unethical" and "immoral."
"He sent the letter to the press before he sent it to me," groused Martha, appearing on daughter Alexis' Sirius Satellite radio show, "Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer."
"A normal businessman doesn't really behave this way," Alexis concurred.
"Donald is not a normal businessman," said Martha, speaking from her office. "Remember Donald was born with a silver spoon in his mouth."
"Or up his a-," sniped Alexis.
"He's a spoiled brat," agreed Martha.
Martha went on: "Guess who is replacing [Trump employee] Carolyn Kepcher on the next version of the show? His daughter Ivanka!"
"I feel sorry for her," said Alexis. "She seems like a nice girl. It must be hard to have such a freak for a father."
Told that shares of Martha Stewart Omnimedia had risen that day, Alexis wondered, "Do you think your stock is going up because Donald is talking about you?"
"No," replied Martha. "I don't think serious investors listen to Donald Trump, actually."
Signing off, Martha said she had to write a column for her magazine.
"Really?" Alexis asked, dryly. "You're not busy riding around town seeing if your name is polished properly on the front of all the buildings you don't really own?"
Calling from his Mar-a-Lago estate, Trump told us yesterday: "I do too own the buildings!"
Told where Alexis thought he might keep his silver spoon, he snapped: "Nice. What a crude statement. But then Alexis is used to making crude statements. Too bad she couldn't put two words together on her mother's show. She was terrible."
Trump noted that Martha had vowed on her talk show that she didn't want to talk about his letter anymore. "But Martha has a record of lying," hissed Trump.

Martha, Give it up, the network already said that You suggested firing Donald and that they said no. Nobody believes that they would cancel one of their highest rated shows to give you another one. Also, which is more unethical, him releasing his letter to the press before sending it to you (Kinda like you complaining about him to Newsweek and not to him directly) or you lying about your stock deals?....now get back to Connecticut and make me some Christmas Ornaments.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Donald Kicks Martha While She's Down

Martha Stewart recently complained to NEwsweek that her show failed because she was supposed to fire Donald Trump in the first episode but that he refused to close down his show.
Now it's The Donald returning fire.
In a biting letter to Stewart, delivered Tuesday, Trump wrote that her version of "The Apprentice" was "a mistake for everybody especially NBC."
Trump's response in his letter bluntly asks Stewart to take responsibility for her "failed show."
"Your performance was terrible in that the show lacked mood, temperament and just about everything a show needs for success," he wrote. "I knew it would fail as soon as I first saw it and your low ratings bore me out."
"Between your daughter, with her one-word statements, your letter writing and, most importantly, your totally unconvincing demeanor, it never had a chance much as your daytime show is not exactly setting records," he wrote.
"Essentially, you made this firing up just as you made up your sell order of ImClone," said Trump, who claimed NBC did not intend to fire him on Stewart's show.
OUCH!!! Trump then went on to say maybe he would start a daytime show to knock her off the air there as well. Ya gotta love it. Martha, you haven't been fired......but you're on probation.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tom Cruise MIGHT sue over story he and Katie Holmes have split

Yep, word out from Tommy Tom's lawyers is that he is "Considering Suing" over the story that he and Katie Holmes have split but that they would pretend to be together until after the baby arrives....Here is a hint, He is BS-ing. If he was going to sue, he would have already filed. When they say they are CONSIDERING suing they are just trying to sound like the story isn't true and are considering their options....remember Mary-Kate Olsen was "Considering Suing" because the tabloids said she was annorexic, Courtney Love was "Considering Suing" because another tabloid said she was back on drugs, right now Clay Aiken is "Considering Suing" over the story that he is gayetc... The first two stories proved to be true and anybody who has seen more than 2 seconds of footage of Clay knows that the third one is as well. With somebody as Sue-happy as Tom Cruise, NOT suing but merely "Considering Suing" I would say that that is confirmation that the story is True. Now Tom, get back in the closet and hire another B-List starlet to pretend to love you.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Heath Ledger disses his male lover

Heath Ledger surprised a packed Berlin Film Festival news conference Wednesday night when he remarked that he believes George Clooney deserves the best supporting actor Oscar this year for his performance in Syriana. Jake Gyllenhaal, who appeared in Brokeback Mountain with Ledger (who himself was nominated for a best actor Oscar) is also one of the best supporting actor nominees.

So he just bends him over, does him, then never calls, never writes, and doesn't vote for him to win the Oscar. Sheesh, at least cook the guy breakfast!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Willie, all about the man-love

Willie Nelson's heroes have always been cowboys, regardless of their sexual orientation.

It seems only logical, therefore, that the country legend has released a gay cowboy song that was written long before Brokeback Mountain rode onto the scene with its tale of taboo rancher romance.
Nelson debuted "Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other)" on Howard Stern's satellite radio show Tuesday, after recording the song last year at his Pedernales studio in Texas, according to his Lost Highway record label.
The song, which includes lyrics such as "What did you think all them saddles and boots was about?" and "Inside every cowboy there's a lady who'd love to slip out," was written by Texas-born songwriter Ned Sublette in 1981.

The thought of Willie Nelson wearing a pair of buttless leather chaps and dancing to "I will Survive" makes me want to boil my fingers for having even typed it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Has-Been, table for one

"David Lee Roth said a singer hired from a TV search would make Van Halen into 'a novelty act."
If the revered rock band Van Halen really plans to seek a new lead singer through CBS-TV's "Rock Star" reality show, their first lead singer wants them to know he thinks it's a monumentally stupid idea.
David Lee Roth, lead singer of Van Halen (1978-1985) and now the morning host on WFNY (92.3 FM), also said yesterday on "Roth Radio" that he has a better one: Get the original band together for a reunion tour.
"People want the reunion," said Roth. "No one will pay respect to what any of us do [musically] until we get the reunion out of the way.
"Once Eddie [Van Halen] does that, everything else he does can be seen with a fresh eye."
Roth made no secret of his own enthusiasm for a reunion tour, indicating he'd already gotten the okay from CBS Radio executives to take a leave of absence if such a tour happened.
"Van Halen would go out for three months," he said. "That's all Eddie could handle. And then the next morning, I'd be back at this mic at 6 a.m."
A tour would also pay well. Roth said the band already has offers on the table for $1 million a show.
However much Roth may want the band to reunite, however, he wasn't using sweet talk yesterday to make it happen.
He compared Eddie Van Halen to Sly Stone, whose brief and ragged appearance on last week's Grammy telecast rekindled reports of substance abuse.
What's happened with Van Halen "may be on a par with what's happened with Sly Stone," said Roth.
Roth also dismissed recent Van Halen shows as "lite rock" and said touring with a singer hired from a TV search would make the band "a novelty act."
He said the situation was different with INXS, the first band on "Rock Star," "because their original lead singer was dead.""

Yeah, the lead singer of INXS is dead...unlike Van Halen, whoes lead singer has turned into a freaky plastic surgery victim and who looks a bit like Nicolette Sheriden. Dave, I'm just guessing, but if your new bosses are willing to let you take 3 months off just a few months into your new job.....well lets just say I wouldn't get too comfortable in Howard Sterns old office yet.

Cheese with that Wine?

NBCNEWS chief White House correspondent David Gregory warned President Bush's spokesman on Monday not to be a "jerk!"The heated exchange came during a press gathering at the White House.Gregory asked White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan about the Cheney hunting accident.'David, hold on, the cameras aren't on right now,' McClellan replied. 'You can do this later.''Don't accuse me of trying to pose to the cameras,' Gregory said, voice rising. 'Don't be a jerk to me personally when I'm asking you a serious question.''You don't have to yell,' McClellan said.'I will yell,'' said Gregory, pointing a finger at McCellan at his dais. 'If you want to use that podium to try to take shots at me personally, which I don't appreciate, then I will raise my voice, because that's wrong.''Calm down, Dave, calm down,' said McClellan.'I'll calm down when I feel like calming down,' Gregory said. 'You answer the question.''I have answered the question,' said McClellan, who had maintained that the vice president's office was in charge of getting the information out and worked with the ranch owner to do that. 'I'm sorry you're getting all riled up about.' 'I am riled up,' Gregory said, 'because you're not answering the question.

Whats amazing to me is that the press wastes more time reporting on stories of interest to them than on stories for everybody else, i.e. soldiers get killed in Iraq everyday yet when a reporter got killed we had to suffer through days of their focusing on that story. Ok guys, we get it, you knew the guy, but guess what, we didn't. This is the same, the White House press corps is just pissed because some small local paper broke the story about Cheney shooting that guy, and they are pissed because the editors can see that they don't do any real reporting, they just sit on their asses and write what the White House Press Secretary reports. Heres an idea, get out there and dig up a story and stop bitching.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

God no, Please make it stop!!

After all these years together,
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are finally making it legal.

The Oscar-winning Boston buddies will reunite onscreen in an untitled drama inspired by two real-life attorneys, who fight a 15-year battle to free an innocent man on death row, Daily Variety reports.

While Matt Damon has had huge sucess with The LEgend of BAgger Vance and the Brothers Grimm and Aflek even bigger sucess with Gigli, Surviving Christmass and being Jennifer Lopez' love doll, the two have decided to put their flourishing individual carreers on hold to do a movie together all for the sake of friendship....everybody, all at once now....awwwwwww.

What the Hell?

Another sign of the Apocalypse? After 29 years, Barry Manilow is back at the top of the charts.
The campy crooner shouldered out the likes of Mary J. Blige, Jamie Foxx and Eminem to land at the top of the Billboard chart with his new album of covers, "The Greatest Songs of the Fifties." The new album sold 156,000 in its first week. It was Manilow's first No. 1 debut.

On another note, when asked if he was gay Mr. Manilow said "Huh? What? Why are you asking, that, you're so silly, oh hey, whats that? Is that a cow? Look everybody theres a cow over there! Wow a cow, everybody look at the cow~!"

Briton, Tough on Celebrities!

Kate Moss' ex Pete Doherty, lead singer of the group Babyshambles and former lead of "The Libertines" escaped a jail term yesterday when he was sentenced to 12 months of community service for seven separate drug-related charges.

Community Service for SEVERN drug charges......Seven. Nice to know that Britain doesn't give famous people any special treatment.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Paris Hilton Slapped with Restraining Order

Reuters is reporting that:

A judge on Tuesday ordered Paris Hilton to stay away from a Los Angeles party planner who accused the celebrity heiress of bombarding him with angry phone calls, shoving him and threatening his life.
Brian Quintana won a restraining order in Los Angeles Superior Court against the 24-year-old socialite best known for her television reality show "The Simple Life" and for a sex video that showed up on the Internet.
Quintana, who claims to have introduced Hilton to her current boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, said problems began after she started dating Niarchos.
He said she accused him of trying to get Niarchos to ditch her for Niarchos' former girlfriend, starlet Mary-Kate Olsen.
Quintana, who admitted under cross-examination that he committed perjury in a court case about a decade ago, said Hilton shoved him three times and made numerous phone calls threatening his life.
Hilton was not in court. Her spokesman, Elliot Mintz, told reporters after the hearing: "I've known Paris and worked with her, and the kind of person that was described on the stand this afternoon doesn't resemble the woman that I know."
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Tim Murphy sided with Quintana, finding that despite his history of perjury, he had provided some evidence, and Hilton had not refuted it.
Hilton's lawyer Howard Weitzman said the ruling was also a victory for Hilton because she wants nothing to do with Quintana.
"This individual is meaningless in her life, and from her perspective ... he's continued to harass her and insinuate himself into her life. And she'd like him out of it, so we offered to do that," he said.
Ok, lets see, PAris being slapped with a restraining order because somebody presented evidence that she was harrassing him is a GOOD thing?!?!?! Sounds like Paris' Lawyer is either, 1. trying to cover the fact that in spite of all the money she's paying him he lost the case, or 2. he's even stupieder than she is...you decide. Paris, let the downward spiral begin, Tara Reid will be your guide...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hey Lindsay, Wipe your nose!

Recently on a night out Lindsay Lohan stopped to talk to a reporter, who subsequently writes....
TAKE A DEEP BREATH, LINDSAY That was hyperactive Lindsay Lohan, bouncing all over the Charlotte Ronson show at the National Arts Club Sunday night. "I can't sit down, 'cause I have ADD," the 19-year-old explained to a Lowdown spy. Apparently the whole family's that way. "My brother [Dakota, 9] is having a party at my mother's house till 5 a.m.," Lohan confided while guzzling a complimentary beverage. "I really like this vodka, what is it?" Pravda — Russian for "truth" — came the answer. As for the upper West Side traffic jams surrounding the filming of "Chapter 27," a biopic of John Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman, "Don't blame me, blame [co-star] Jared Leto," she instructed. Meanwhile, while other celebs spent the necessary 10 minutes inhaling 02 Systems 2600 oxygen treatments, Lohan (who has a wrist tattoo that says "Breathe") was too attention-deficient. Instead, she sucked on the Skyn Iceland anti-stress breath spray. Hope it helped.
Hey Lindsay, just a hint, usually it's only drug addicts trying to cover up that use idiotic excuses like "I can't sit down because I have ADD" If you REALLY were hyperactive you would know that ADD doesn't make you act like you're on speed....ADHD does. Ooops better luck next time Coke Whore.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hows Europe going to blame THIS one on the U.S.?

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) - Thousands of Syrians enraged by caricatures of Islam's revered prophet torched the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus on Saturday - the most violent in days of furious protests by Muslims in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
In Gaza, Palestinians marched through the streets, storming European buildings and burning German and Danish flags. Protesters smashed the windows of the German cultural center and threw stones at the European Commission building, police said.
Iraqis rallying by the hundreds demanded an apology from the European Union, and the leader of the Palestinian group Hamas called the cartoons "an unforgivable insult" that merited punishment by death.
Pakistan summoned the envoys of nine Western countries in protest, and even Europeans took to the streets in Denmark and Britain to voice their anger.
At the heart of the protest: 12 caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad first published in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten in September and reprinted in European media in the past week. One depicted the prophet wearing a turban shaped as a bomb with a burning fuse. The paper said it had asked cartoonists to draw the pictures because the media was practicing self-censorship when it came to Muslim issues.
The drawings have touched a raw nerve in part because Islamic law is interpreted to forbid any depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.
Aggravating the affront, Denmark's Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has said repeatedly he cannot apologize for his country's free press. But other European leaders tried Saturday to calm the storm.
Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel said she understood Muslims were hurt - though that did not justify violence.
"Freedom of the press is one of the great assets as a component of democracy, but we also have the value and asset of freedom of religion," Merkel told an international security conference in Munich, Germany.
The Vatican deplored the violence but said certain provocative forms of criticism were unacceptable.
"The right to freedom of thought and expression ... cannot entail the right to offend the religious sentiment of believers," the Vatican said in its first statement on the controversy.
British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who has criticized European media for reprinting the caricatures, said there was no justification for the violence in Damascus.
"We stand in solidarity with the Danish government in its call for calm and its demand that all its diplomats and diplomatic premises are properly protected. It's incumbent on the Syrian authorities to act in this regard."
But Denmark and Norway did not wait for more violence.
With their Damascus embassies up in flames, the foreign ministries advised their citizens to leave Syria without delay.
"It's horrible and totally unacceptable," Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller said on Danish public television Saturday.
No diplomats were injured in the Syrian violence, officials said. But Swedish Foreign Minister Laila Freivalds - whose country, along with Chile, has an embassy in the same building - said she would lodge a formal protest over the lack of security.
In Santiago, the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Chilean Embassy in Damascus was also torched but nobody was injured.
The demonstrations in Damascus began peacefully with protesters gathering outside the building housing the Danish Embassy. But they began throwing stones and eventually broke through police barricades. Some scrambled up concrete barriers protecting the embassy, climbed into the building and set a fire.
"With our blood and souls we defend you, O Prophet of God!" the demonstrators chanted. Some removed the Danish flag and replaced it with a green flag printed with the words: "There is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God."
Demonstrators moved onto the Norwegian Embassy about 4 miles away, also setting fire to it before being dispersed by police using tear gas and water cannons. Hundreds of police and troops barricaded the road leading to the French Embassy, but protesters were able to break through briefly before fleeing from the force of water cannons.
Amid the furor, Syria's Grand Mufti urged calm, noting the demonstration had started in a "nice and disciplined way," but then turned violent because of "some members who do not understand the language of dialogue."
"We never expressed our anger in such a way, and we believe that dialogue should be done through guidance and teaching, not through killing, harming and burning," Sheik Ahmed Badr-Eddine Hassoun said in remarks carried by state-run Syrian Arab News Agency, or SANA.
In Gaza, masked gunmen affiliated with the Fatah Party called on the Palestinian Authority and Muslim nations to recall their diplomatic missions from Denmark until the government apologizes.
In the West Bank town of Hebron, about 50 Palestinians marched to the headquarters of the international observer mission there, burned a Danish flag and demanded a boycott of Danish goods.
"We will redeem our prophet Muhammad with our blood!" they chanted.
Mahmoud Zahar, leader of the militant Palestinian group Hamas, told the Italian daily Il Giornale the cartoonists should be punished by death.
We should have killed all those who offend the Prophet and instead here we are, protesting peacefully." he said.
Hundreds of Iraqis rallied south of Baghdad, some carrying banners urging "honest people all over the world to condemn this act" and demanding an EU apology.
Anger swelled in Europe, too. Young Muslims clashed briefly with police in Copenhagen, the Danish capital, and some 700 people rallied outside the Danish Embassy in London.
A South African court banned the country's Sunday newspapers from reprinting the cartoons.
Iran's president ordered his commerce minister to study canceling all trade contracts with European countries whose newspapers have published the caricatures, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the caricatures showed the "impudence and rudeness" of Western newspapers against the prophet as well as the "maximum resentment of the Zionists (Jews) ruling these countries against Islam and Muslims."
The leaders of Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan denounced the publication of the caricatures. Pakistan's Foreign Ministry summoned nine envoys to lodge protests against the publication of the "blasphemous" sketches.
Yeah, nice one, the Mid-East Newspapers run stories about Jews eating babies and insult other religeons on an almost daily basis. The hypocricy is astounding. But I'm sure Europe will find some way to blame this one on Wal-Mart, or some other Representative of American Culture. Good Luck guys.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Paris, Pay your BILLS!

It is being reported that Paris Hilton didn't pay storage fees on a sotrage unit containing diaries, pictures, and videotapes. According to the contract she signed with the storage facility, if you don't pay your fees they will auction off your goods. The purchaser who paied around $1500.00 for the stuff is now offering them for sale to the tabloids.

Apparently Paris' parents, when they were teaching her how to do porn, sleep with older men, and be an all around skank forgot to teach her to pay her bills on time! Whoops! Guess you can still teach Nicki that mom and dad.

Did somebody's feelings get hurt?

The controversy over Danish editorial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed has widened, escalating into an armed standoff in the Gaza Strip. Now, Jordan has stepped into the fray -- in favor of the editorials.
Some twenty armed Palestinian scaled the walls of the EU offices in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, amid growing unrest after cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed were published in several European countries.
In Islam, depicting the Prophet Mohammed is tantamount to blasphemy.

Earlier in the day, two armed groups, the Popular Resistance Committee and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, had threatened to harm Danes, French and Norwegians in the Palestinian territories after newspapers in France and Norway opted to reprint the Danish cartoons.

"Every Norwegian, Dane and Frenchman in our country is a target," said the Popular Resistance Committee and the radical Al-Aqsa brigades. If the three countries in question don't shut down their offices and consulates in the Palestinian territories, "we won't hesitate to destroy them."

Call for apology

The militants at the EU offices scrawled the words "Closed Until Further Notice" on the front door of building in Gaza City, which had not even opened for business on Thursday for fear of violence.

The gunmen, from the militant group Islamic Jihad and an armed faction of Fatah known as the Yasser Arafat brigade, fired into the air as they climbed the surrounding walls of the EU compound.

They called for an apology within 48 hours for the cartoons, which were first published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in late September, unleashing a controversy that has grown steadily in recent days.

Jordan makes the leap

Meanwhile, a Jordanian gossip tabloid on defiantly published three of the cartoons that have triggered outrage in the Arab and Muslim world.

"Muslims of the world, be reasonable," said the editor-in-chief of the weekly independent newspaper Al-Shihan in an editorial alongside the cartoons, including the one showing the Muslim religion's founder wearing a bomb-shaped turban.

"What brings more prejudice against Islam, these caricatures or pictures of a hostage-taker slashing the throat of his victim in front of the cameras or a suicide bomber who blows himself up during a wedding ceremony in Amman?" wrote Jihad Momani.

He told the AFP news service he decided to publish the offending cartoons "so people know what they are protesting about... People are attacking drawings that they have not even seen."

The leader of a large French Muslim group said that the papers should be shut down for "Hurting the feelings of Muslims the world over" a German newspaper called him on his statements by pointing out the hypocricy of the fact that middle eastern papers continually publish charactures of Jews, Europeans, and Americans, as idiots, theives etc... and that they didn't seem to be concerned over the feelings they hurt. In addition, I wasn't aware that "Hurting Feelings" was forbidden by the Geneva conventions.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How much evidence do you need?

Police quiz Kate Moss over drugs 31 January 2006
Supermodel Kate Moss was interviewed under caution by police over allegations of cocaine use.
The 32-year-old attended a police office in central London for a short meeting with detectives from the Metropolitan Police.
She left the building in a silver Mercedes.
Following the meeting, Scotland Yard said: "She has not been charged or cautioned and inquiries continue."

So, they have a video of her, that was run on TV in England of her chopping up a brick of coke and snorting it up. You need LOTS of evidence apparently in England, So if video isn't good, then I guess they NEVER would have convicted O.J. either. But they could of corse still convict Kate Moss for being a waste of space.

Kicking asses and dressing sharply

Papers in Raleigh are reporting that a group of paratroopers from the elite 82nd Airborne Division have been moved from their regular barracks while military officials investigate allegations that they appeared on a gay pornography Web site, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.
The investigation is still at an early stage, division spokeswoman Maj. Amy Hannah said in a statement. The move was prompted by concerns for the soldiers' privacy and rights, not for fears about their safety, she said.
The 82nd Airborne acknowledged the investigation last week but declined to say how many soldiers might have appeared on the military- themed porn site. A defense official speaking on condition of anonymity said last week that as many as seven soldiers were involved.
The paratroopers have been allowed to seek legal assistance, but no charges have been filed, the division has said.
There are no direct references on the Web site to the 82nd Airborne or its home base, Fort Bragg.
The military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy states that "homosexual orientation alone is not a bar to service, but homosexual conduct is incompatible with military service." Soldiers who violate the policy are removed from the service.
The registered owner of the Web site's domain name lists a street address in Fayetteville, the city that adjoins Fort Bragg.
E-mails to the registered owner were returned Tuesday as undeliverable, and the phone number listed on the domain-name registration is no longer in service.
The Web site was active Tuesday.
The 15,000 paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne are among the Army's most elite soldiers, all having volunteered to serve in a unit that trains to deploy anywhere in the world within 18 hours.
82nd Airborne huh? These are the guys that are dropped into Iraq, Afghanistan etc... and other places with no notice and they've volunteered to do that?! Hell, they sound like some tough brave ones, I'd like to see straight guys like half of Hollywood (The straight half) or some of our politicians volunteer for something like that. As far as I'm concerned, if they are listening to Pet Shop Boys CD's on their ipods while their protecting our rights to write stupid blogs about Paris Hilton Peeing in some cab in Hawaii, then more power to them!

Is she still here?!

The NYPost is reporting asking if Paris Hilton will ever learn? When the celebutard was questioned under oath in the $10 million slander suit brought against her by jewelry heiress Zeta Graff, Hilton said Graff was as old as her mother "and should stay at home with her child instead of being at nightclubs with young people. And just that . . . What else did I say? Just that she is not cute at all." A pal of Graff says, "Kathy Hilton has now been sub poenaed to declare her real age in public, since Paris made false claims that Zeta was 'old' and her 'mother's age.' In fact, a little bird tells me that Kathy is 46 - Zeta is 37. And Kathy goes out all the time." Graff's lawyers also sent Hilton's lawyers a "warning" letter cautioning Paris about speak ing ill of Graff to anyone. Meanwhile, we hear Paris has been dumped by her PMK/HBH pub licist, Jack Ketsoyan, for stretching the truth.

Dumped by a publicist, in a lawsuit for things you lied about in public that could lose you 10 million dollars....friends with Tara Reid..How much more can go wrong for poor PAris?