Friday, July 07, 2006

Everybody Hates Tom Cruise

LOS ANGELES (July 6, 2006) -- One of the Emmy nominees for best animated program is the episode of "South Park" that's said to have angered Tom Cruise and Isaac Hayes.
The episode called "Trapped in the Closet" implies that Cruise is gay and makes fun of Scientology.
Cruise's fellow Scientologist Isaac Hayes reportedly quit because he was upset with the episode. And when it came time to rerun it, Cruise allegedly called Comedy Central and demanded that it be pulled.

Well it seems like people in TVland think Tom Cruise is as big an idiot as the rest of us do.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Noah's Ark

June 29) - Texas archaeologists believe they may have located the remains of Noah's Ark in Iran's Elburz mountain range.
"I can't imagine what it could be if it is not the Ark," said Arch Bonnema of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (B.A.S.E) Institute, a Christian archeology organization dedicated to looking for biblical artifacts.

Here are two guesses. It could be a rock, or a pile of dirt. The other day I went out, passed by what I thought was a dust bunny in the corner of an alley when I realized that it was actually the hanging gardens of Babylon. I mean, I can't imagine what it could be if it wasn't them. I heard that scientists in NYC in fact have just found the lost city of Atlantis in what they thought were one of Pam Anderson's breast implants. Good for them!