Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shooting Star

According to the Daily News:
A few hours after a televised display of saccharine warmth and affection between Barbara Walters and Star Jones Reynolds - who yesterday surprised her "View" colleagues by announcing she's leaving in mid-July - their relationship turned very chilly indeed.
Never mind Walters' previous public assurances that Jones Reynolds was welcome to stay on the show as long as she wanted. Yesterday, "The View's" alpha female - the show's co-owner and co-executive producer - told me that she lied "to protect Star" from the damaging news that ABC long ago decided not to renew her contract.
"I have always told the truth on this program, except in the case of Star," Walters told me, her voice the temperature of liquid nitrogen. "The network decided long ago not to renew her contract. Her contract is with the network, not with me. I was trying to protect Star and her sensitivities. She has, after all, been on the program."
Sticking in the knife, Walters added icily: "There are very strong reasons why [ABC execs] felt she had lost the audience.
Um, because she was a crazy bitch who goes after free stuff like a hog at a buffet? That she married a gay guy and thinks the world is too dumb to realize? That she ....oh well, you get the picture.

Friday, June 16, 2006

They don't read Box Office Report I guess

Actor Tom Cruise, 43, is the most powerful celebrity in the world, ahead of the Rolling Stones and Oprah Winfrey, according to Forbes magazine's annual list.
Despite the controversy surrounding his Scientology beliefs and his romance with Katie Holmes, with whom he has just had a daughter, Cruise has 67 million dollars thanks to "War of the Worlds" and "Mission Impossible 3," and is still the top star in Hollywood, the New York business magazine said.

The Sucess of War of the Worlds could be credited to the fact that it is a well known story and was a Steven Speilberg movie...apparently the writers at this magazine don't realize that Mission Impossible 3, a movie that soley rests on Tom Cruise's shoulders had, if you adjust for ticketprices, the lowest opening of any movie in the series even though it opened in more theaters than the first two movies, and even though it's been out for longer than a month has still not yet broken even and shows no signs of doing so. X men three broke even after 1 week. Here that bell Tom? Thats the oven timer, appaerntly your career is done.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

George Soros, Queer for George Bush?

Even though he practically funded the DNC last election George Soros had some words of agreement for GW

Billionaire George Soros spent a fortune trying to pry President Bush out of the White House. But the Democratic Midas agrees with the President that we can't pull out of Iraq now.
"Unfortunately, many countries have a national narrative that condemns them to keep on defending a cause that is really indefensible," the Open Society founder said Monday at the Core Club party for his book "The Age of Fallibility." "The Turks can't admit the massacre of Armenians, for example. We have been better in the past at recognizing our sins. I'm afraid that we have to recognize that was a terrible mistake.
"I can't expect President Bush to do that," Soros allowed. "That would be out of keeping for anybody. What's worse, I think we actually have to stay in Iraq for a while. If we left, we would have a conflagration. We are sitting on a civil war. Therefore, American soldiers have to continue giving their lives to a bad cause."

Monday, June 05, 2006

Julia.....not such a Pretty Woman anymore?

Reports out of New York say that ven though people shelled out the big bucks for the run of Julia Roberts' Broadway debut in "Three Days of Rain" audience members were leaving the Thursday night show in droves after the first act. …

Ouch, sounds like audiences are agreeing with the critics on this one.

A God Digger Does Anything for Money? What a Shock?

Paul's McCartney's estranged wife posed for hard-core pornographic pictures in Germany before she became a famous fashion model, a London newspaper reported today, accompanying its story with some racy photographs.
According to the London Sun, Heather Mills "was snapped in a string of lurid scenes for a hard-core German book" back in 1988.
One photo in the book shows Mills naked and smothered in baby oil as she performs a sex act on a male porn star, the paper wrote. In other pictures, Mills appears to act out bondage scenes with whips, handcuffs and edible underwear.
The paper said many of the images "are too explicit to print in a family newspaper," but it posted several shots of a topless Mills on its Web site.
Mills, 38, and McCartney, 63, announced last month that they were separating after four years of marriage. The couple has a 2-year-old daughter.

Paul keeps insisting that Heather didn't marry him for his money.....of course he does, would he want to admit that he, a former teen idol sex symbol couldn't get a woman 20 years younger than him to marry him for any other reason than his millions? Hey Paul, time to wake up.