Thursday, May 18, 2006

Delusional Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney still insists that his money didn't buy Heather Mills' love.
The billionaire ex-Beatle and his wife admitted yesterday they can't work it out. Their split leaves Sir Paul facing the prospect of a possible $400 million divorce payoff for a four-year marriage.
McCartney lashed out yesterday in a posting on his Web site at the notion that his much-younger wife, a former model who lost her lower left leg in a motorcycle accident, was a gold-digger.
"It's been suggested that she married me for the money and there is not an ounce of truth in this," he wrote.

Of COURSE he doesn't want to admit that he isn't handsome, young, and charming enough to woo a former model over 20 years younger than himself and that of course she ignored all the good looking men her own age because he is such a great guy. Of COURSE it had nothing to do with his nearly 1 billion dollar fortune. She claims she offered to sign a pre-nup....of course she doesn't ad in that Pre-nups are not enforceable under British law. Smart Manipulative girl, and you can BET that her next boyfriend will look NOTHING like Mr. McCartney and will be a whole hell of a lot younger.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Never Take Responsibility

TATIANA Platt, the wife of architect Campion Platt, was besieged yesterday by reporters chasing a Boston Herald story that Rep. Patrick Kennedy might have become addicted to painkillers because he had a broken heart. Kennedy dated Tatiana before she married Platt in 2004. And that was what caused the car accident he had last week, where the capital police did NOT breathelyze him and drove him home. Kennedy then responded that he had been at home but had become dazed on his sleeping and stomach medication and got in the car.

Gee, yeah, that could be it....or, you could believe one or two of the officers on the scene who said he smelled like booze, and the hostess at the local bar who said he'd been there drinking all night.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Get this man a Walker

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Keith Richards has been released from a New Zealand hospital where the Rolling Stones guitarist was admitted with a head injury after he reportedly fell out of a palm tree.
Richards, 62, suffered a mild concussion while on vacation in Fiji on Thursday. Several Australian and New Zealand media outlets reported the fall from the tree.
New Zealand's Sunday Star-Times also reported that Richards got on a JetSki after the fall and had another accident.

What the F**K is this geezer doing up in a palm tree?! Sounds like the drugs in New Zealand are stronger than he's used to. And his tolorance is already so high he could survive a nuclear war.