Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Could Explain Paris Hilton's Stupidity

Live Science is reporting:

New research supports growing concerns that herpes plays a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia.
The latest work, announced today, shows a link between a gene and herpes simplex 1, or HSV. The form of the ApoE gene called ApoE-4 is the leading known risk factor for Alzheimer’s. And HSV is the form of herpes that causes cold sores around the mouth. More than 80 percent of Americans are infected with HSV.
The researchers, at the University of Rochester Medical Center, found that ApoE-4 effectively puts out a welcome mat for the herpes virus, allowing it to be more active in the brain.
“The data suggest that ApoE-4 may support the ability of HSV to be a more virulent pathogen,” said Howard Federoff, lead author of the research published online in the journal Neurobiology of Aging.

So based on that article we can assume that Tara Reid, Lindsey Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen, Nichole Ritchie, Jessica Simpson and Brittney Spears all have herpes. Well, based on that article and that they make whores look like virgins.

Missing the Obvious

CHICAGO - Magazine headlines entice teenage girls with promises like, “Get the body you want!” or “Hit your dream weight now!”
But a new study suggests reading articles about diet and weight loss could have unhealthy consequences later.
Teenage girls who frequently read magazine articles about dieting were more likely five years later to practice extreme weight-loss measures such as vomiting than girls who never read such articles, the University of Minnesota study found.

“Gee, or it could be that girls with anorexic tendencies seek out articles on dieting and weight loss because that is one of their interests. But then that wouldn't read as well when you try to publish the study I suppose"