Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Who could they be talking about?!

From Page 6:

WHICH hard-partying starlet has figured out a way to get high while wearing an alcohol-monitoring anklet? She was asking where she could score some Ecstasy at a Vegas club the other night . . . WHICH too-good-to-be-real Hollywood leading man and his hard-bodied wife deserve Oscars for their portrayal of a perfect marriage? They both have secret lives with members of the same sex.

Gee, anybody know of any starlets wearing alcohol monitoring bracelets? Nice one Lindsay, your carreer is so in the toilett that the gossip papers aren't even bothering to disguise you anymore in the blind items.

Didn't his pubicist get the Memo?

I believe that the term "Exaustion" is no longer used by celeb publicists since several doctors were quoted as saying that there was no such thing as being admitted to a hospital for "Exaustion" and it was most likely a code word for an overdose.

"" Dave Chappelle was hospitalized over the weekend for exhaustion, his publicist said Tuesday. The 33-year-old comedian checked into an emergency room on Saturday and was released a few hours later, publicist Carla Sims said.
"It was exhaustion; he had been traveling," she said. "He's fine."

Monday, July 16, 2007

Posh Spice, Red Carpet not being rolled out in U.S.?

A review from Linda Stasi over Victoria Beckham's one our show. Sounds like the Media here aren't going to be fawning over these guys like they do in England...

NBC should get down on its knees and make a giant no vena of thanks that soccer star David Beckham was called back to Europe before it could finish filming his relentlessly self-promoting wife's reality series, "Victoria Beckham: Coming to America."
And, while we're at it, the aforementioned relentlessly self-promoting wife should do the same.
If this weren't a one-shot deal and people were exposed to her vapid, condescending behavior on a weekly basis, she'd not just be unwelcome in America, she'd be run out on a rail - whatever that means.
Anyway, the proposed series, now downsized to a one-hour "special," is an orgy of self-indulgence so out of whack with, er, reality that you'll sit there slack-jawed at the gall of these people who think we are that stupid.
What's shocking is that it's from Simon Fuller, the "American Idol" genius.
The Beckhams drive to become as famous in the U.S. as they are in the U.K. is driven, of course, by Beck's signing a $250 million (yes, million) contract to play for the LA Galaxy soccer team. Good luck.
Until soccer can have as many commercials as football, baseball or basketball, it will never be covered as big time on U.S. TV. And without soccer taking hold, I don't think they will ever achieve their dreamed-of status as the most famous couple in the U.S.
Tonight's special opens with Victoria - a former Spice Girl who had the great, good fortune to marry the world's best looking man - fretting over how much she has to do to prepare to move to America. She's got to find a house and a manicurist! Oh, the pressure.
The announcer then informs us that everything we thought about Victoria Beckham is probably wrong! Really?
I, for one, have never thought anything about Beckham - and now, I think even less.
She frets that there are paparazzi at the airport to meet her - as though it weren't all set up. "Maybe they thought Madonna was on the plane," she says displaying modesty that is about as real as her hair color. Dear God.
She then introduces us to her "best friends" who, like poor Paula Abdul's, are on her payroll - the hairdresser and the makeup artist who travel with her.
She then goes to a set-up luncheon with "The Beverly Hills Socialites" club at this nightmarishly overdone rococo mansion filled with much older women - all blondes - who have so much unfortunate plastic surgery they look truly frightening. Sad. Really sad - but then again who is Beckham to come here and make fun of these women by pretending not to?
For reasons I hope never to understand, Marla Maples is there too - the youngest by about 40 years.
Beckham, who is bizarrely constantly posing even in her own home, offers insights about how major a certain purse is or how her new phone has changed her life.
Her entourage laughs at everything she says as though they were hanging with Dave Chappelle, and clings to her every thought as though she were Stephen Hawking.
The "special" which NBC calls an "exclusive" inside look at Victoria's larger-than-life life smacks of too much fame, too much money and too much time spent believing the hype for all concerned.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rome Fashion Shows, Putting money where their Mouth is.

Fifteen models were kicked out of a Rome fashion show late Tuesday for being too thin, sparking new debate on anorexia in the fashion industry.
"I asked that girls with abnormal measurements shouldn't work ... (and) had to fire 15 who were under (French) size 36 (US size eight)," Raffaella Curiel told reporters.
"One girl fainted during the trials," he said, adding, "I had to give her a ham sandwich."
Curiel said his fashion house wanted to respect rules developed in December to combat anorexia among fashion models, but added: "It's not our fault if (agencies) send us girls who are too skinny."
Under the new rules, girls under 16 cannot take to the catwalk, and models must produce a certificate proving that they have no eating disorders.

Wow, if models can actually eat food there are going to be thousands of Photographers unable to supliment their income by selling coke.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Gayness, now with each copy of Internet Explorer

From The Stranger:
July 3, 2007
Gates Invests in

It's fantastic that Rev. Hutcherson's pro-discrimination ballot initiative died a sad, lonely death recently. The fortunes of domestic partnerships in our state are on the rise, Democratic Presidential candidates seem to have their gay houses more or less in order and Seattle Pride just wrapped up its second go-round Downtown. Things seem to be looking up, but Seattlest likes to judge which way the wind blows by figuring out where the money goes. The local money is in Redmond. Er, Medina... Meaning Bill Gates has it. And he's investing it in PlanetOut to the tune of $26.2 million via his private investment firm Cascade Investment LLC.
PlanetOut owns legendary hook-up site, RSVP Vacations, The Advocate (which just published a "best gay places to live" list that does not include Seattle), as well as Out magazine and a bunch of other publications, each one gayer than the last. PlanetOut has been struggling, according to the P-I's John Cook, and Gates is swooping in as an investing angel. It may or may not be the big sociological indicator we want it to be, but at least it keeps the doors open at PlanetOut.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Yasser Arafat's Party says "Al-Jazeera is Biased"

Hamas TV: We have “proof of homosexual relations between Fatah officials” [Tom Gross]
The Hamas-Fatah power struggle has moved from the street to the TV.
The rival Palestinian factions are now engaged in a war of words through their respective media. A Fatah-run TV station has condemned Hamas’ “dark coup” in the Gaza Strip and Hamas’s al-Aqsa TV says the organization “liberated” Gaza from “Fatah occupation.”
The Hamas network added that they have “proof of homosexual relations between Fatah officials.”
Meanwhile, a prominent Palestinian journalist from Gaza has sought political asylum in Norway. Seif al-Din Shahin, the correspondent for the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya news channel, has fled Gaza together with his family, after receiving death threats.
A campaign is also apparently being waged by Fatah against Al-Arabiya’s rival, Al-Jazeera. Fatah leaders have called for closing down the Al-Jazeera offices in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, accusing the Qatari-owned TV station of serving as “a mouthpiece for Hamas” and other radical Islamic groups.
“Al-Jazeera is openly biased in favor of Hamas,” said Yasser Abed Rabbo, a senior Fatah figure. “This station must be banned from working in the Palestinian territories.”

Interesting isn't it? Israel pulls back and they start attacking each other. Dare one go against conventional PC wisdom and actually suggest that the Palestinians are responsible for the violence? Who else can you blame since this battle is between Fatah and Hamas?


Bravo has announced that the upcoming fourth season of its Emmy-nominated Project Runway reality competition series will not air as part of its Summer 2007 progamming schedule and will instead premiere in late 2007.


St. Angie the Bitch

From Fox: Yeah, heres a surprise....

It seems Angelina Jolie is having trouble with her unofficial in-laws.
According to Life & Style Weekly, the brunette beauty gave beau Brad Pitt’s mom Jane the silent treatment after she left the Father’s Day party Angie organized to catch up with her former daughter in-law Jennifer Aniston.
“When Jane returned to the party, Angelina froze her out,” an inside source splurged to the magazine. “And after the party, Angie and Brad had a huge fight about Jen and how she’s still in Brad’s life."
But just as Jolie was recovering from her rage, Brad’s brother Doug apparently sent sparks soaring by referring to Jen as a “friend of Brad’s.”
Apparently, Angie was so upset that she warned Doug to keep quiet and told Jane that she felt she “deserved more respect." However, the sexy screen star pulled out one final scathing strategy. “She told her (Jane Pitt), ‘If you continue to disrespect me and carry on like this, then you won’t see Shiloh.'" Ouch

In case you're interested here is a list of criteria for Narcisistic Personality Disorder...
[edit] Diagnostic criteria
At least five of the following are necessary for a diagnosis (as with many DSM diagnoses, they must form a pervasive pattern; for example, a person who shows these criteria only in one or two relationships or situations would not properly be diagnosed with NPD):

1. has a grandiose sense of self-importance (Angie had the entire army of Namibia watching out for Paparazzi during her stay there.)
2. is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love (She is an actor)
3. believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by other special people (During her Marraige to Billy Bob said that He was the only one who understood her, wore blood around her neck)
4. requires excessive admiration (Constantly releasing photos/stories about her personal life, but not allowing any press to ask about the same subjects, all stories characterize her as a selfless saint)
5. strong sense of entitlement (Her last two long term boyfriends were stolen from other women...Billy Bob and Laura Dern had bought a house together a few weeks before he ran off with Angie, Bratt Pitt was Married, Angie wants, Angie Takes..Tried to have press banned from her events, unless they signed contracts agreeing to do exactly what she said)
6. takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
7. lacks empathy (, Showed no empathy for the women of men she stole...Her husbands Ex, rather than being the poor girl whos man she stole is considered a "Bitch", threatens husbands mother with loss of grandchild if she speaks to Ex again)
8. is often envious or believes others are envious of him or her
9. arrogant affect. (Thinking she is important enough for "Free Press" to agree to do anything she says)

Ok, so she seems to qualify, with two syptoms to spare....and you're suprised?