Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hey Lindsay, Wipe your nose!

Recently on a night out Lindsay Lohan stopped to talk to a reporter, who subsequently writes....
TAKE A DEEP BREATH, LINDSAY That was hyperactive Lindsay Lohan, bouncing all over the Charlotte Ronson show at the National Arts Club Sunday night. "I can't sit down, 'cause I have ADD," the 19-year-old explained to a Lowdown spy. Apparently the whole family's that way. "My brother [Dakota, 9] is having a party at my mother's house till 5 a.m.," Lohan confided while guzzling a complimentary beverage. "I really like this vodka, what is it?" Pravda — Russian for "truth" — came the answer. As for the upper West Side traffic jams surrounding the filming of "Chapter 27," a biopic of John Lennon assassin Mark David Chapman, "Don't blame me, blame [co-star] Jared Leto," she instructed. Meanwhile, while other celebs spent the necessary 10 minutes inhaling 02 Systems 2600 oxygen treatments, Lohan (who has a wrist tattoo that says "Breathe") was too attention-deficient. Instead, she sucked on the Skyn Iceland anti-stress breath spray. Hope it helped.
Hey Lindsay, just a hint, usually it's only drug addicts trying to cover up that use idiotic excuses like "I can't sit down because I have ADD" If you REALLY were hyperactive you would know that ADD doesn't make you act like you're on speed....ADHD does. Ooops better luck next time Coke Whore.


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