Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How much evidence do you need?

Police quiz Kate Moss over drugs 31 January 2006
Supermodel Kate Moss was interviewed under caution by police over allegations of cocaine use.
The 32-year-old attended a police office in central London for a short meeting with detectives from the Metropolitan Police.
She left the building in a silver Mercedes.
Following the meeting, Scotland Yard said: "She has not been charged or cautioned and inquiries continue."

So, they have a video of her, that was run on TV in England of her chopping up a brick of coke and snorting it up. You need LOTS of evidence apparently in England, So if video isn't good, then I guess they NEVER would have convicted O.J. either. But they could of corse still convict Kate Moss for being a waste of space.


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