Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lindsay Lohan's Mom loves her cash

Lindsay Lohan is partying heartily again — but her mother insists there’s nothing to worry about. Less than a week after she was released from a hospital, the “Mean Girls” star was spotted smoking and drinking — reportedly tequila-based Kamikazes — and dancing the night away.
But her mother, Dina Lohan, told the Star that her daughter doesn’t have a drug or drinking problem.
She balked at the suggestion that her daughter needs an intervention, insisting that “Lindsay is completely fine.”
She does, however, admit that the star needs to avoid cats and dogs, explaining, “Lindsay’s on Advair [asthma medication]. She can’t be around dogs and cats and certain foods. And when you’re 19, you don’t deal with that. I’m her mother and I tell her, ‘You have to stick to it.’”
Hmm, Dogs and Cats? you know, you could worry about something else, like her smoking, or admitted bullimia and drug use, sleeping with much older guys after being up for two days straight know, the stuff real mothers worry about.


At 10:35 AM, Blogger AxelDC said...

I take Advair as well. Avoiding cats & dogs are minor issues compared to smoking tobacco...or anything else.

Advair also doesn't impair judgment, make you sleep around or increase your desire for tequilla. In fact, people on inhaled steroids, one of the components of Advair, should probably avoid tequilla.


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