Friday, December 02, 2005

Nahhhh, Stars don't get special treatment

COPS IN Scottsdale, Ariz., say they noticed an "odor of alcohol" when they pulled over Vince Vaughn and his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, for a "minor traffic violation" Tuesday. A police rep says officers performed a field sobriety test on Vaughn, who wasn't cited but was warned not to drive. The police tell Vince and Jen left the car, then sped away with friends.

So lets get this straight, they were driving erratically enough to get pulled over and the car smelled like alcohol yet they were let off with a warning!? I'm sure they must have had much more important things to do than ticket a drunk driver, you know, like give me another parking ticket.

Well I guess cops in Hawaii aren't as starstruck as the ones in Az.
"Lost" stars Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros were arrested in Hawaii for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, People magazine reported yesterday.
Rodriguez, 27, who plays Ana Lucia on the hit ABC show, and Watros, 37, who plays Libby, were arrested Wednesday night on the island of Oahu, where the series is filming its second season, People said on its Web site.
"They were arrested just before midnight without incident, and both women were driving their own vehicles," Capt. Frank Fujii of the Honolulu Police Department said.
No other details of the arrest were available. Reps for both actresses and the show had no comment.


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