Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The King of Pop's New Clothes?

A Tunisian woman was shocked to find Michael Jackson was the man in the mirror of a shopping mall ladies room in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Although the U.S. pop star was wearing an Arabic woman's head scarf, Dubai police said he probably made "an innocent mistake" in using the wrong facility while shopping Saturday, the Khaleej Times reported.
Dubai Police Col. Abdul Jalil Mehdi did not comment on Jackson's choice of head-wear -- the traditional Emerati women's scarf known as "Sheila," the New York Daily News said Tuesday.
The Tunisian woman at first screamed when she saw a man in the ladies' room, but as soon as she realized it was the King of Pop, she pulled out her cell phone camera and started snapping away, the Times said.
The two started arguing when she told Jackson she wanted "compensation" for the pictures, which attracted the attention of nearby police.
No citations were issued, but police told the woman demanding money for her photos was illegal and the pictures were erased.
Jackson has been seen in women's clothing at other times in that same mall, he had been there once previous to the visit with the "Bathroom incident"
According to an Australian shop worker, there was no doubt that Jackson went to the mall before.
"It was definitely him," she said. She claimed Jackson was wearing an abaya (a long robe that covers the whole body) along with the traditional woman's headscarf during the visit.

Ok, can we say it all together? Michael Jackson wears womens clothes. Why does nobody seem to point out that a long flowing wig, lipstick, eyeliner, false eyelashes etc... are all signs that he is either a transvestite or a really bad drag queen? So now he moves to another country and goes right for the traditional womens clothes in THAT culture. The guys doesn't waste any time.


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