Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Message to the Mormon Church

I just received a call from my sister in CA. She is a registered republican, very conservative and she voted NO on Prop 8. One of her friends, a very nice lady who happens to be Mormon told her that she voted YES on 8 because it was not only about gay marriage, that she had been told by her church that if Prop 8 passed that all churches refusing to perform gay weddings would lose their tax exempt status. This is absolutly untrue. In the same way that the gays are not allowed to march in the St. Patricks Day parade in NYC, and the boyscouts do not have to accept gays as members or scout leaders, no church can be forced to break it's rules with regard to membership and acceptance. I point to the fact that the Mormon Church itself did not let blacks become full members until 1978. That was LONG after the civil rights laws were passed, yet the church was allowed to prevent blacks from joining. They themselves decided to change that rule, they were not forced by the government....just as they would not be forced to performm gay weddings. The Church leaders know this, but they long ago determined that there is no reason to be honest with their congregations of a simple lie will enable them to get their way.

I have this message for the Mormon church......If you have to lie to back up your position, perhaps your position is not worth backing up.


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