Friday, October 21, 2005

Our Saucy NY Correspondent with a Saucy Story

Steaming Pile of Spin has it's tentacles all over the world, here is one from our eye in NY. We'll call her something that won't reveal her true identity, but will still represent her entire being....I would just call her Love Goddess but she has that pesky brain that keeps getting in the way of completely objectifying her....siiiigh, ok, for now we'll just call her "L" (Which really means Love Goddess). Anyway, what kind of story would you expect from LG? Uh, I mean L? Here you go.

The latest Victoria's Secret stink-up: Lusty mannequinsMaybe some things should remain a secret. Lingerie-seller Victoria’s Secret is under fire for its new line of window displays called Backstage Sexy, which have stirred protests at stores in Tyson’s Corner, Va., and Wauwatosa, Wis. But it’s not the lingerie that’s the issue (we might say for once). It’s the positions in which scantily-clad mannequins have been placed. “People are saying it’s all about the panties and the bras. It’s about inappropriate displays,” says Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based Traditional Values Coalition. Lafferty, who organized a protest against the Tyson’s Corner store, tells Media Life that the displays are so, well, explicit that it's upsetting even usually permissive-minded Washingtonians. “D.C. is a very political city, and even liberal Democrats were upset about this,” she says. “I actually got a call from a liberal person saying I had to do something about this.” Lafferty says one part of the offending display is of two female mannequins, obvious lesbians, sharing a bed. “One woman was sort of lunging sexually toward another woman,” she says. Apparently the store, reacting to protests, moved the mannequins to appear less on the make, as it were. But Lafferty says it's not enough. She has had no luck getting through to the management of Victoria's Secret, nor has Media Life, which has been attempting to gauge the extent of the protests and the chain's response to them. Lafferty worries that Victoria's Secret has lost all sense of decency and imagines even more outrageous schemes as the holidays approach. “When kids are visiting Santa, are they going to give free lap dances to dad at Christmas time? Are they going to have live sex acts in the window? How far is this going to go?”
Hey, they think THATS bad. Remember Britanny Spears and Christina Aguilerra used to be in the Mickey Mouse club. I'm betting if you reviewed those tapes you'd see some budding whorishness sprouting right under Disney's Nose. The infamous Girl/Girl/Mouse kiss between Christina, Britanny and Mickey unfortunatly didn't make the blooper real on the DVD.


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