Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cindy Sheehan says Hillary Clinton = Rush Limbaugh

Cindy Sheehan, the so-called "peace mom" on a crusade to end U.S. involvement in the Iraq war, is publicly blasting Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., for her continued support of the ongoing conflict.

"That sounds like Rush Limbaugh to me," Sheehan said. "That doesn't sound like an opposition party leader speaking to me. What Sen. Clinton said after our meeting sounds exactly like the Republican Party talking points I heard from Senators Dole and McCain."

Just a quick thought on Cindy Sheehan, somebody this rabidly anti-anything didn't just BECOME that way, they were always that way, I doubt what happened to her son had much to do with her current opinion. It would be interesting to see the e-mails between her and her son. My guess, he joined the Military to rebel against her and she either wasn't speaking to him or berated him constantly for it. Sorry if that doesn't sound sypathetic but Democrat or Republican I think we're all a little tired of burned out 60's rejects looking to bring back the glory days of some B.O. filled concert where they showed how rebellious they were by not wearing a bra and rolling around in the mud with some hairfaced burnout while Jefferson Airplane sang "White Rabbit" I figure if the Rolling Stones are old enough to receive Social Security we can officially put the 60's to sleep.


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