Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gee, the crazy lying drug addict is still a crazy lying drug addict..

October 11, 2005 -- JAYSON Blair is the N.Y. Times Liar Emeritus who fab ricated his own news stories and caused a scandal that saw not only himself but the papers head fired, told Cindy Adams at the time: "I did it because a front-page byline is like a drug high and you need to keep it up."
Jayson Blair's most recent job was as an editor at Phoenix Books. He was editing "The Karasik Conspiracy," Author Julie Chrystyn told Mrs. Adams:
"I thought I'd give Jayson a break. He'd phone bright and early. He seemed conscientious. I was impressed. Besides, this was fiction, which is something for which he clearly has a talent.
"Then one midnight the guy called. I felt something was off. He said he wanted to review my contract, to 'save' me. I said I have lawyers and agents; I'm in good hands, thanks. He persisted, and I dodged. He said, 'From now on, you have to run everything by me. You have to look out. I'll protect you.' He trashed people I was involved with, trashed whoever had been good to him and was giving him a chance. He became an angry young man.
"He was in North Carolina, I was in Arizona, and he wanted me to meet him in Texas. I said I wasn't ready. He said then he'd fly to me the next day. I said I'm on a 45-day deadline, this is a waste of time; I'd e-mail him and we'd meet later on. By now my head was spinning. He wanted to be my ghostwriter. I thought he was kidding. Then he said, 'Lie. Tell everyone you met with me.' "
Julie has not heard from him since, nor does she want to. The book, due this month, has had to be postponed. Its new pub date is January.

Hey Julie, here is an idea, the next time you hear about somebody who was fired from a newspaper for faking hundreds of stories, and also admits to being a cokehead, maybe you should think twice about hiring them.


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