Monday, October 10, 2005

Do Others Love A good Trainwreck as much as me?

The Hilarious Billy Masters shares a secret shame with is a cut from his latest column...
"I cannot believe that E! is canceling TARADISE. And I can't beieve no one else in my circle of friends watches the show. I am the first to admit that Tara Reid is a mess, but that's what makes Taradise riveting." He then compares her drinking and smoking and globetrotting to Patsy from Ab/Fab.

Glad you agree with me Billy! Apparently they kicked Tara out of Venice becuase she drank the Canals dry over the course of a weekend.

It's nice to see that my love of trash TV is shared by others on the West Coast. Un-cancelling the show is too late, but perhaps if we all wish really hard and clap our hands E! will reward us by releasing Taradise on DVD. And E! don't bother to do it unless you include the uncensored Blooper reel. Because if what showed up onscreen was the most put together Tara could be in front of the cameras I'm DYING to see what hit the cutting room floor!


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