Friday, March 17, 2006

Peter Pan Loses Neverland

Jacko Closes Neverland For Good
Michael Jackson has shut down his Neverland Ranch for good. Employees were summoned to the ranch Thursday at 5 p.m. PST in staggered groups, given back pay for 12 weeks through today, and were told the ranch had been shut down by the California Department of Labor.
In fact, Jackson made the decision to lay off more than 60 loyal staffers after making them wait through three months with no pay. Their health insurance ran out on February 28th. Last week, the State closed the ranch because Jackson carried no workmen's compensation.
Despite misleading statements from Jackson’s spokesperson Raymone Bain, I am told that Neverland is indeed closed except to Jackson’s family members and security staff.
Some of the employees of Neverland had been there with Jackson since he bought the place in the late 80s. A few actually had worked for the previous owner. They leave without pensions or the ability to apply for COBRA health insurance. All they can do now is apply for unemployment. My sources say many of them have already done that.

Gee, Sorry to hear that covering up for a child molester doesn't have a good retirement plan.


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