Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thats the problem with Photos coming back to haunt you.

Big Hat Tip to the Superficial Boys for tracking down this photo!

(Funny, they look like they are aquainted)
Paris Hilton insists she didn’t do the deed with Tom Sizemore — despite what he says.
The “Saving Private Ryan” star makes the claim during an interview that has been added to footage of him having sex that has been available on the internet. It is going on sale in DVD form today for $24.95 as “’The Tom Sizemore Sex Scandal” DVD.
According to Sizemore, he had a party at his house and after everyone else had left, he heard the repeated clicks of a cigarette lighter and followed the sound to his gym, where he saw Hilton, and suggested rather explicitly that the two should have sex.
“She knew what she could do to people,” says Sizemore, who claims that the next morning, Hilton climbed into a limo with the parting words, “Goin’ to Sundance. See you next week.” He makes no claims that they got together again.
Hilton says no such thing happened. “It’s disappointing that Mr. Sizemore has to use my name to sell his DVDs,” she told The Scoop in a statement issued through her spokesman. “He is not an acquaintance of mine nor have I ever had intimate relations with him.”
See Paris, before you deny knowing somebody you probably should make sure that they didn't save the pictures. Click on this link below.


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